Wednesday, September 28, 2011


DJ Vtech, of Project Spin Artists, same management of my latest interview MikiWAR, just finished her brand new house mixtape. She is very excited about this work, because all the vocals on the intro are hers. She has a beautiful voice and does an awesome job with this full length mixtape! Be sure to grab it!

DJ Vtech - Tech·ni·cal·i·ty Mixtape

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kling Klong Shout

The Disco Fries and Tommie Sunshine have been teaming up on a lot of projects. This is their latest work, and I have it here for you! This is a pretty interesting bootleg. I can't really put my finger on it, but I dig the tune nonetheless. Enjoy.

Tears For Fears x Audionite - Kling Klong Shout (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Electric Summer Vol 2

JMoney sent me a mixtape a few days ago, and I quickly took a listen. It has a great tracklist and works nicely for the gym. He's got remixes from homies like DJ Exodus, Dino Roc, and DJ CJ. He even threw some of his own fresh remixes in there. Definitely a house mix you should get your hands on! Hit me up if you want the tracklist! Enjoy!

J$ - Electric Summer Mixtape Volume 2

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Risk One Stimulus Package 2

The homie and my favorite DJ, Risk One, has released his second pack full of remixes and bootlegs. All I can possibly say is that these contain so much heat. it's something your libraries can't be without. I promise these 8 remixes and bootlegs will add to any current sets you have right now. Risk One adds a little bit of every genre to the pack. I may even hear these out as soon as this weekend! Grab this pack, and thank Risk One. After all, he is doing more for the economy than Obama is. Oh, I said it! Enjoy!

DJ Risk One - Stimulus Package 2

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

F*ck It, Just Dance

Skam Artist Mr. Mauricio has just finished real fresh mixtape full of his favorite dance songs right now! I already threw this one on the iPod for the gym. This mixtape is filled with high energy and high tempo. This "Heavy Hitter" will keep you moving for well over an hour! Download it! You won't be sorry!

Cheapshot's Jumpoff Mix

This past weekend DJ Cheapshot was invited to do the famous "Jumpoff Mix" on Power 106 in L.A. This Skam Artist does an awesome job with this one. I promise you will love it. It features all the hits from DJ Vice's remix of "Boomerang" to Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" all the way to "N*ggas In Paris". The only downside to this artwork is that he didn't insert his face like he does on all his others! Oh well! Grab this!

DJ Cheapshot - The Jumpoff Mix

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Monday, September 19, 2011

MikiWar Interview

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to interview MikiWAR at the new Infusion Lounge in L.A. before his set. If you somehow don't know who MikiWAR is, you'll soon learn. MikiWAR has been climbing the ladder of DJ's while doing it in style. MikiWAR is one of the faces of DJCity, MikiDZ Show from DJCity, the former, We Are Royalty Clothing, Project Spin Artists, and now the brand ambassador and monthly resident DJ of the new Infusion Lounge in L.A. MikiWAR credits a lot of people for his success, but I credit the determination he has shown on his self-improvement. Be sure to check out this interview with him and be on the lookout for some big stuff from him! Enjoy!

Spartytunes: What advice do you have for young and aspiring DJ's?

MikiWAR: The good ole advice question... Man that's a tough one for me, because I feel like I'm still a young DJ even though in some eyes people feel I've accomplished a lot. In my mind, there is still much more to do, and that should be the mentality for anyone. You're going to see a lot of things that give you that instant gratification, but it's always about the bigger picture. It's not so much about where your going, but the route you take to get there. I would say the biggest thing is to remember you're doing it for the love and fun, just like in the beginning.

Spartytunes: Can you tell me about Project Spin Artists and how you got affiliated with them?

MikiWAR: Sure. For those who don't know, PSA (Project Spin Artists) is a DJ management company, founded originally by Adam Contreras (@ADAMakaPUN). I think that's how I originally found out about him, on twitter. I saw the name through a close friend then, and now even closer, DJ Eddie Boy. Eddie was dj'ing some great gigs; so I asked him if he was getting any help to be placed at those venues. He introduced me to Adam about a year ago right before I did this cruise ship thing. While I was gone for four weeks, he did a lot of work for me like branding and marketing, and that's what I was missing. It felt like every time I went out of town, even though I was working and getting paid, I was missing something to stay relevant. As silly as it sounds, if you're not in the scene or tweeting as much, people start to forget about you. PSA was that crutch I needed to really keep moving. 

Spartytunes: Now I've been to Infusion San Francisco, but tonight were at Infusion Los Angeles and with it opening up, what is your role?

MikiWAR: You probably know more about Infusion S.F. than I do, but I know they have set an amazing nightlife standard and I'm proud to say I've confirmed my first date up there on September 29th. Being a "Brand Ambassador", it sounds so important... I mean I grew up here in the 818 [L.A. area], and for those who don't know the "Infusion" brand in L.A. is located at Universal City Walk. I grew up here, went to two different high schools to play basketball, so my network expanded early on without thinking how it would help. Now it works out, because since Infusion brand in L.A. is so new, they needed that local face, that local branding that fortunately I've been able to provide. When you walk in you get that Vegas feel, and even though Hollywood is just down the street, coming here you can avoid the crazy traffic and the weird hot dog lady. It is a unique venue, and pretty massive at that; the major plus for me is that the talent is huge. I am a monthly resident along with other great DJ's like Dainjazone and Zeb. Currently are highlighted nights are "Reflex Wednesdays" with DJ Reflex and Fridays. On Fridays, we have a Skam Artist, which is huge, because last Friday we had DJ Five, and it is hard for me to say these words about any DJ, but he is my favorite DJ, hands down. The talent at this venue is second to none and a large part of that goes to E-Rock, S/O (@DjErockSF1), he is the music director, and I have to thank him for getting me involved.

Spartytunes: Tell me about your affiliation with DJCity, and what is coming up?

MikiWAR: originally only sold records and dj products. Long story short, I went to a concert sponsored by Scratch Academy. Soon after, I went over there with the advice of DJ Dainjazone (@DjDainjazone), who I've known since I was about 13 years old. He told me about the place, and I just wanted to check it out. Back then DJCity and the Scratch Academy used to be in the same building. I spent a lot of time in that building past how much they told you to practice and what not. I then went on to be an assistant and intern at DJCity. Some of the S.A. work would come into DJCity and vise verse. I used to package records for DJCity when they would ship them out. I'd help out organizing, and that of course meant we got first dibs on the new records. That was kind of my ulterior motive. I actually used to package records with Kev Nish, of Far East Movement, just to put it in perspective of where they're at, and hopefully where I'm headed. DJ Phenom, who recruited Dainjazone and I into the SpinAddicts, helped start the digital record pool. With the success of that, they wanted a new way to market DJCity. When we first started the show, it was a live audio stream. We would start it in a small chat room on AIM with about 20 of our closest friends. After about four shows, we realized our biggest selling point would be our guest DJ's. So with the help of DJ Phenom (@Phenom_DjCity) and DJ Quickie (@DjQuickie), S/O to them, we had the funds to build 4 [barely] soundproof walls that would be later named the "WARZONE". U-Stream had launched not too long ago, and I figured why not add a visual for our audience, and of course it helped us connect with our audience with the chat room option. The rest it history...

Spartytunes: That perfectly leads me to my next question, what happened to the MikiDZ show?

MikiWAR: It is dearly missed. In the end, for us there never was an end goal. We did this show because we were a fan of these DJ's and it was fun. The show was pure and an amazing experience that we were fortunate enough to share with our peers. There were plenty of DJ's we would have liked to have that could have added a little more, to the resume, but at the same time, we hopped in the U-Stream bubble at the right time, but I think we got out at the right time. It became saturated with a lot of people trying to copy our idea; and I don't want to say copy, because it's flattering to see people using our format, and I support them as well. At the end of the day, we wanted to leave things on top; and I can confidently say we produced collectively one of, if not the greatest DJ show on the web. Looking forward, we have some new things cooking that you guys have seen a little of like DJCityTv.

Spartytunes: Now you have the podcast on Podomatic, iTunes and with that blowing up, how is that going?

MikiWAR: I get goosebumps when I think about it. I check on these things every day like I'm an addict. I have to say that the podcast was originally inspired by DJ Scene (@DjScene) S/O! He really just put me on stats, and how it helps with marketing. Again with the drop of, we hosted our mixtapes there like many others, and DJ Enrie, S/O (@DjEnrie), did a lot of great work. I had to find a new outlet to place my mixes for my following. Podomatic is a blessing. It's a way of expressing myself and showing my creativity that I used to get away with on the MikiDZ show. I use music that I like and don't just put of generic popular tracks together; I actually do all my podcasts live if I'm in town. If I'm not, I'll bust it out on Ableton.

Spartytunes: How did WAR (We Are Royalty) get started?

MikiWAR: It's funny, because everyone thinks I run or own WAR clothing. It has nothing to do with me, but it does. The back story on my name isn't hard to figure out if you know my real name and you speak Spanish. WAR is Guerra, like my last name. And to add to this, I don't know if this is going to be on or off the record (IT'S ON, NO WAY I WAS LEAVING THIS OUT), but Dainjazone wrote me a Valentines card years ago when we were like 14, and it said "To MikiFikiMike", and the Miki kind of just stuck, and that's how MikiWAR was berthed. The clothing was created by my younger brother Andy War from his bedroom, who actually just graduated from UC Riverside. He guerrilla marketed it, and got the right people to support him. Fortunately, Dainjazone and I were able to help. We also had a "little show" to help, and we made sure our friends had it on. It's something I am really proud to wear, my name. I feel like it represents us, and it shows my brother's hustle. He used to be barely be able to make a stick figure on a computer a year ago, and now he does full fledged clothing. I can say you can look for some new stuff coming out from WAR clothing soon. Everything has been on hold recently, but we are coming back soon.

Spartytunes: Your mixtape, "The Next Chapter", which I posted and a few remixes on DJCity, you haven't been putting out too much. Can we expect some new stuff coming soon?

MikiWAR: Yea man! I've been kind of laying low. I used to be really bad with just putting anything out as soon as I came up with, and it would bite me in the ass sometimes. I would put an extra snare somewhere, or I didn't master a sound properly. I've learned it's just better to do something right the first time and be proud of the time I put into it. I'm in the studio now gearing up. I have some personal remixes, that I am going to start letting out in remix packs soon. As far as the mixes go, which I really take pride in, and spend a ton of time on it, I have a lot of ideas I am sitting on; but I am waiting for some new tracks I want to expose. I don't want it to sound like anything else, but I can say there is a major mix in the works, which I can't really announce yet, but it's about 30 minutes long, and it's going to be intense.

Spartytunes: Any last words?

MikiWAR: I appreciate you reaching out to me to do this. It's an honor to be interviewed by anybody, and to be able to express what I'm all about. Going full circle with the new DJ's question, I still feel like I'm a new DJ; I feel I haven't been in the game long enough. And I think the youth are important. S/O to DJ Inferno at Power 106 [Biggest Hip Hop Radio Station in LA] and I wish I could tell you his twitter name, but he has one of those underscores! (@_Inferno) He was really one of the first guys to come up to me and ask for advice, and I'm really proud of what he has done. His marketing is crazy! S/O to Alex Gonzalez (@Aleks_Exact), I've been teaching him since day 1, and I'm proud of him. He's doing a great job. He's opened for Dainjazone and I at some great venues. My success thus far is a huge reflection of being surrounded by so many seasoned DJ's. Don't put down the young DJ's, because we have to teach them; it's up to them to listen. And finally, in due time, if you work hard, stay hungry, stay humble, then your time will come.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got Beef?

It looks like I finally have to the "go ahead" to post this. The day the homie DJ Supersede sent me over a promo that was awesome! He and the other homie DJ Panic City just collaborated on one awesome project! They remixed a Steve Aoki/Afrojack single. Let me tell you the sound is huge! Grab it ASAP!

Steve Aoki/Afrojack - No Beef Ft. Miss Palmer (Supersede & Panic City Remix)

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L.A. To I.E. Girl

DJ Turbulence has a couple new remixes up now. Of the three up, two are of Kanye, and the other is of Clipse. This Skam Artist has given these tunes a whole new sound and life. Check these out!

Kanye West - L.A. Girl (DJ Turbulence Remix)

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (DJ Turbulence Remix)

Clipse - Grindin' (DJ Turbulence Remix)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someone Like Fogg

Dave Fogg has put out a couple good tunes recently. He put out a disco version of Dev's latest hit, and for his second, he teamed up with DJ Fabian to rework Adele's latest hit. Check them out!

Left: Dave Fogg | Right: Diplo

Dev - In The Dark (Dave Fogg Remix)

Adele - Someone Like You (Fabian Fogg Remix)

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Doesn't Suck To Be The Disco Fries

The Disco Fries also have new[ish] music that I meant to post days ago and even a couple weeks for the first one. They have been on fire, but I wouldn't expect anything different from these 2 guys! Tonight they are rocking Clinton Spark's "Awesome" party in Las Vegas. Be sure to grab these goodies!

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Disco Fries Extended Mix)

Clinton Sparks - Sucks To Be You (Disco Fries Remix)

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Mike Gloria Wants To Go

DJ Mike Gloria just celebrated his birthday yesterday, so in honor of that, I am making up for posts I should have posted days ago. With two new jams here, well, relatively new, sorry for the wait, DJ Mike Gloria shows us why his progression doesn't look to stop. Check these out!

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Mike Gloria Remix)

Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel Ft. Sabi (Mike Gloria Remix)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

DUI Sessions LDW 2011

Digitune (DJ Manik & DJ Flaver) created yet another holiday mix. And once again I am a couple days late posting it! This is definitely a mix for the house heads. Many limit themselves to straight Top 40, but Digitune gives us something different this time. This is the first of many more DUI sessions. Enjoy!

Digitune - DUI Sessions LDW 2011

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Blackout Album

Before you download this album from DJ Epic, check out my interview with him in the post right before this one. The Blackout album has been long waited for. It contains a bunch of dope mashups and originals. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DJ Epic Interview

DJ Epic, until just a few months ago, was relatively unknown. Through a ton of hard work, he pushed through to the blogger's scene. I first found him at his third volume of his Pregame mixtape series. It contained a high energy top 40 electro tracklist. During his following mixtapes in the same series, I have seen nothing but improvement. He has also began working on a ton of mashups and originals. Besides that, he also has a dubstep series as well. Boasting close to 1800 likes on Facebook, DJ Epic is showing no signs of slowing down. His new album full of mashes and originals also drops tomorrow. Be sure and grab that! Now let's learn a little about DJ Epic!

Spartytunes: What advice do you have for young and aspiring dj's and artists?

DJ Epic: If you give it 110% you will be noticed sooner or later. It took me about 3 years to start showing up on the internet and getting gigs. It’s also important that when you start getting recognized not to grow an ego. I see some artists and dj's constantly bragging about the number of facebook fans they have, it’s music not a competition.

Spartytunes: With the success that your "Epic Pregame" mixtape series has had, how much further do you think you will take it?

DJ Epic: I’ll take it as far as I can. I would like to start doing them as podcasts on iTunes, then maybe someday as a radio mixshow.

Spartytunes: With your new album -Blackout- dropping tomorrow, what can we expect?

DJ Epic: Blackout is going to be dirty, and of course epic.

Spartytunes: You've done the mixtapes and you've done the mashups. Should we still expect both of those in the future?

DJ Epic: I’m going to start to work on remixes after Blackout is released. Mashups only take you so far but they are a crucial learning element for a beginning producer like me.

Spartytunes: What dj's do you look upto?

DJ Epic: DJ AM was a huge inspiration to me and was the reason I used every dollar I had to buy turntables. I started out spinning hip hop, then I heard a Tiesto track, and I was instantly hooked to electronic music.

Spartytunes: Where do you want to end up? What is your ultimate goal?

DJ Epic: My goal is to make dj'ing and producing my career. I want to end up with a top gig like everyone else.

Spartytunes: Any last words?

DJ Epic: Thanks for the interview and everyone be ready to blackout tomorrow!

For more DJ Epic: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud