Thursday, October 28, 2010

DJ Mighty Mi Interview

I just got a chance to chat with DJ Mighty Mi, and he seems like a really chill, down to earth, humble dude. Mighty Mi has been in the game for a while now, and is getting more and more the respect he deserves. He's got a ton off awesome remixes and edits out on Crooklyn Clan (with one freebie at the bottom with my purchase). Recently, he moved to Las Vegas from a lifetime on the East Coast. Mighty Mi is now the resident DJ and music director at Blush Nightclub in the Wynn Hotel. He even writes music for t.v. and film. Not only is he humble, but extremely talented as well. Check out this interview with DJ Mighty Mi and grab the edit at the bottom when your done! Enjoy!

Spartytunes: What advice do you guys have for young and aspiring artists?

DJ Mighty Mi: You have to figure out from the beginning how you can make your sound different. These days with so much music coming out, if your stuff doesn't stand out, it's not going to get saved in DJ's computers.

Spartytunes: How did you get started dj'ing?

DJ Mighty Mi: I grew up in Philadelphia in the mid to late 80's. At that time, Philly was the center of the world for DJ's. You had Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, DJ Miz, Tat Money, and an abundance of other dope dj's in the local scene. I think the first time you see the two technics and the Gemini 1200 set up it either captivated you, or it doesn't. Fortunately, it did for me. So, I saved up for about a year and bought my first set up.

Spartytunes: What sparked the move from NYC to Las Vegas?

DJ Mighty Mi: I had taken 5 years off from dj'ing when I was running my label Eastern Conference and traveling with my group The High & Mighty. When illegal downloading started effecting our profit margins, we were forced to move on from the recording side of things. At that time, Serato came out, and I had started hanging out with my childhood friend DJ AM a lot again. The lure of not having to carry crates to gigs was so exciting to me. I dj'ed for about a year in NYC and then got the job offer in Vegas through people I had gone to college with in Boston. The idea of making 3 to 4 times what I was making in NYC a night was too good to turn down.

Spartytunes: What was/is your favorite NYC club to play at and what is your favorite Vegas club to play at?

DJ Mighty Mi: My favorite NYC club would have to be Life. To me, it was the last great downtown club in NYC. I used to do Tuesdays and Saturdays, and Mark Ronson would do Fridays. Anyone from Stevie Wonder to Mariah Carrey would be there on the regular. A mixed crowd ready to party in the pre-bottle service era. In Vegas, Surrender/Encore Beach Club has been my favorite.

Spartytunes: What DJ's do you look upto and,or like playing with/before/after/alongside?

DJ Mighty Mi: I would say Stretch Armstrong, DJ Jules, and Clark Kent influenced me the most coming up in the 90's in NYC. Local guys in Vegas that I think really do their thing would be DJ Five.

Spartytunes: What's next on the agenda? Is there anything you would like to still accomplish?

DJ Mighty Mi: I've still been trying to produce a little. I just did a song with Greg Nice (of Nice & Smooth) all about Vegas (lol), and still am working with Princess Superstar. I still do a gang of edits that I sell weekly on Crooklyn Clan.
Spartytunes: Anything else you would like to add?
DJ Mighty Mi: When in Vegas, come check me out at Blush on Tuesdays, and Surrender on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at the Wynn Hotel.
For more DJ Mighty Mi: Myspace | Facebook | Crooklyn Clan
As a bonus:

DJ Mighty Mi - Let Me See Your Hands Up (Stereo Love Edit)
DJ Mighty Mi x Chris Moody x Edward Maya

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

C'mon Hyper Crush!

Not much to say about this track. This was already a pretty dope tune from the beginning of summer, but this one adds a neat twist to it. It's not a Hyper Crush remix, but rather they just threw vocals on it. Tiesto has been going a little mainstream recently, and your hearing his name more. Diplo just finished up on his Blackberry commercial, which is pretty sweet. Lastly, Hyper Crush have been touring, recently finishing up in New York City. Be sure and check this one out. Enjoy!

Tiesto - C'mon Ft. Diplo & Hyper Crush

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Monday, October 25, 2010

What We Kick & Push

White Panda usually have some of my favorite songs to post. Their tunes are put together very professionally and well done. They combine and make songs to excite your dancefloor. I would definitely love to interview them soon. Today, I have 2 new tracks for you. These ones are awesome so you all must check them out. Enjoy!

The White Panda - What We Kick, Push
Lupe Fiasco x Deniz Koyu

The White Panda - Sexy Lip Gloss Lady
Javi Mula x Lil Mama x Master P

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's T-Shirt Time!

Dino Roc has been nice enough to drop even more tunes on us! He's not even giving us 1, not 2, but 3 new tunes! The first is a T-Shirt time mix just in time for the season finale tonight. We also have another 2 mashes. You can tell that Dino Roc is having fun making these, because these are even fun to listen to. Check these out and support Dino Roc on Crack4djs! Enjoy!

914 Hit Squad - Dynamite Somebody Dance With Me (Dino Roc Mashup)
Taio Cruz x DJ Bobo

914 Hit Squad - This Is Why Dubsteps Hot (Dino Roc Mash-Up)

914 Hit Squad - It's T-Shirt Time!!! (Dino Roc's Gym Tan Remix)
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Monday, October 18, 2010

We R Who We R

Kesha is back again with a new tune. Something tells me that this is going to be on replay on the radios very soon. This new one has an electro pop feel like much of her last album of songs. I'm definitely a fan of her instrumentals. Be sure and listen to this new song, because you will hear it around soon enough anyways. Enjoy!

Kesha - We R Who We R

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Norwegian Miracles

Norwegian Recycling has emerged on the mashup scene in the latest few months. His newest mashup "Miracles" is a pop-mashup which uses Bruno Mars' new single "Just The Way You Are" as the instrumental. He also uses samples from 15 other tunes to construct something completely new tune around the theme "Miracles". Many people compare Norwegian Recycling to DJ Earworm, who I interviewed (check that out). Be sure and check this one out. Also, be sure to watch out for more Norwegian Recycling here on Spartytunes in the future. Enjoy!

Norwegian Recycling - Miracles

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Manik - Projekt Junkies

DJ Manik & The Project Junkies have just finished some remixes recently which need to be heard. You can tell a ton of work went into this, because of how good these remixes turned out. Manik remixed Clinton Spark's "Favorite DJ" & my recently interviewed Disco Fries' "I'll Be Your Trick". These songs no doubt bang! Grab them! Enjoy.

Disco Fries - I'll Be Your Trick (DJ Manik Projekt Junkies Remix)

Clinton Sparks - Favorite DJ (Manik Projekt Junkies Remix)

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Disco Fries Interview

This interview I was pretty excited about getting. The Disco Fries remixes have been nothing but chart topping in the last year. The "electro-house duo" formed in 2007, and has successfully established themselves as some of the premier remixers around. Danny “Danger” Boselovic and Nick “Piklz” Ditri make up The Disco Fries. Since grabbing first official remix in 2009 with Flo Rida’s “Sugar”, the two have been asked to add their signature sound to remixes of Usher, Estelle,  Nelly Furtado, Fatman Scoop, DJ Class, and Honorebel. They have a lot of great stuff lined up, and right now there is no slowing down for The Disco Fries. Check out this interview with The Disco Fries!

Spartytunes: What advice do you guys have for young and aspiring artists?

Disco Fries: We always say it, but it never gets old. Llisten, be inspired, and then be original.

Spartytunes: How did you guys meet up and start "The Disco Fries"?

Disco Fries: We both met up freshman year of college when we were stuck in a dorm room together; by junior year we were making remixes under "The Disco Fries" moniker.

Spartytunes: Who do you guys draw inspiration from?

Disco Fries: Everybody, from people we work with on records (Honorebel, Fatman Scoop, Far East Movement, Niles Mason, Jeremy Carr), to guys we just look up to (Steve Aoki, Armand Van Helden, Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke, Jump Smokers) name a few.

Spartytunes: Have you guys ever eaten Disco Fries [Fries with melted cheese & gravy]? Thoughts on them?

Disco Fries: Haha uhh yeah... Pretty miserable but gooood after a late night at the club. They serve their purpose but we wouldn't recommend making them a regular part of your diet. Also, while we "The Disco Fries" are best ingested through the ears, Disco Fries the food is not. Be warned!

Spartytunes: Of your remixes, your "Like A G6" has been my favorite remix, What has been yours? If you two have differing views, I'd love to hear.

Disco Fries:
DJ Piklz: Id have to agree , the "Like A G6" mix is one of my favorites as well alongside our mix of Usher's OMG, but some of our upcoming original work is going to blow your socks least we like to think so.

Danny Danger: Basically whatever mix we just finished is usually our favorite until we make a new one.

Spartytunes: You two have worked with a ton of huge names like Fatman Scoop, DJ Class, Flo-Rida, etc... Who was/is the most fun to work with?

Disco Fries: Class is one of the most normal and down to earth guys we have worked with. As far as having an all out good time in the studio, Scoop is hilarious. Exactly how you hear him on a record or see him on TV he is in real life. The dude is one of the most humble and personable guys we know.

Spartytunes: Lastly, whats on the agenda? What can we expect next?
Disco Fries: Aside from our upcoming tour dates in Asia (big ups to the folks at Nike for hooking us up with some fresh kicks to rock over there), right now we are working on finishing up our EP which is going to include appearances Honorebel, Jeremy Carr, Niles Mason, & Fatman Scoop to name a few as well. And we just finished up a few official mixes including Anastacia "Safety" and Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki's "Brrrat!" all of which will be released within the next few weeks. Our brand new site, just launched and we update the music & news sections weekly to keep our fans and DJs up to date.
Clinton Sparks - Favorite DJ Ft. Jermaine Dupri & DJ Class (Disco Fries Remix)

And as a bonus:

Far East Movement - Like A G6 (Disco Fries Remix)
#1 Hit On iTunes - Go Support & Grab Their New Album

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nasty Boy

I don't know much about Lite N Dark, but this song has been sitting in my drop box. To my surprise, I really dig this one. It has an electronic pop and indie feel to it. Lite N Dark seemed to create a tune full of energy and excitement. The vox and overall instrumentals of this song make you feel pretty good too. This one is actually a pretty neat song. Enjoy!

Lite N Dark - Nasty Boy Ft. Kay Maf

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Barbara Streisand Work It Out

When "Barbara Streisand" was first sent to me, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Well, it finally broke though and I hopped on the bandwagon. On another note, Dino Roc has been having success with the 914 Hit Squad on Crack4djs. His talent of mashing is quickly evolved. He's been a very reliable source of mashups. In his latest mash, he combines "Barbara Streisand" with Lil Jon & Pitbull's "Work It Out". It almost sounds like a real tune. Check it out and support Dino Roc on Crack4djs. Enjoy!

914 Hit Squad Barbara Streisand Work It Out (Dino Roc Mash-Up)
Duck Sauce x Lil Jon x Pitbull

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