Friday, July 23, 2010

Carry Out

I just got an email from a DJ asking what the best "Carry Out" remix is. Instead of directly responding to him, I'm going to post it up on here. The first I have is the one of sickest recent electro remixes, and that's by Julien Creance. Another good one I got is by Vindata. Last but not least DJ Zimmie has a pretty neat remix to this tune that he sent me not too long ago! Be sure and grab these! Enjoy!

Carry Out Ft. Justin Timberlake (Julien Creance Remix)

Carry Out Ft. Justin Timberlake (Vindata Electro Remix)

Carry Out Ft. Justin Timberlake (DJ Zimmie Remix)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Shiny Jem

I feel really bad. DJ Jem has sent me a ton of stuff, and I have accidentally been letting it pile up in the Drop Box. What's even worse is he is actually very good. His remixes are top notch, and should be treated accordingly. These Chicago man's remixes I'm posting are a little old, but still very good. My bad DJ Jem! Check these out right here! Enjoy!

Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (DJ Jem Remix)

La Roux - Bulletproof (DJ Jem Remix)

The Radioaktives - Warning

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Risk One @ Infusion Lounge

Last Friday, I was up in San Francisco, and there was one DJ that I had to go see: DJ Risk One. He definitely was just as good live as he is in all his mixtapes and remixes. He just solidified why he is my favorite DJ. Risk One definitely kept the club bumping with his collection of new music and remixes. If you ever get a chance to see R1, I would take full advantage of it. This guy is just about better than any DJ in the country!!! Check it out below! Enjoy!

Usher - DJ Got US Falling In Love Again Ft. Pitbull (MikiWAR Bootyleg)
Just a little tune DJ Risk One had bumping

And a bonus, a little vid I got from last Friday:

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DJ Earworm Interview

Back in April I got to chat on the phone with DJ Earworm for a little bit. Many of you all know DJ Earworm from his huge mega mashups like United States of Pop. These mashups include the Top 25 songs of the year according to Billboard Magazine, have reached the top lists around the country for radio stations and other various outlets. You can bet that this next years edition will be just as special. Check out this interview with DJ Earworm!

Spartytunes: What advice do you have for young and aspiring dj's?

DJ Earworm: They should learn as much about music as they possibly can. There is nothing they can't learn that wouldn’t help. The role of music/producing keeps getting intertwined. They should get even between logic of the rthyms & beats.

Spartytunes: Do you have a favorite DJ?

DJ Earworm: I would'nt say I have a favorite DJ. I like to tear down the distinction of dj'ing and making music. I get my  inspiration from song writing and the production of music.

Spartytunes: Your United States of Pop mashups have received a ton of love and support, including more than the 1100 comments of your website of just that mashup, so I have to ask when is your next mashup coming out?

DJ Earworm: Well my United States of Pop mashup won't come out again til the end of the year. I'm working on a few electro tracks. I also have some audio-visual products coming up soon, but I have no ETA.

Spartytunes: Personally, some of my favorite mashups of yours are the United States of Pop series, Just Dance to New Order, Love and Wonder, No More Gas, & Beautiful Mashup. What is your favorite of your mashups?

DJ Earworm: I'm really proud of No More Gas. It doesn’t really get the attention it may deserve.

Spartytunes: When did you start mashing up songs?

DJ Earworm: I started in late 2003. I had no prior experience. I was song writing and making electronic music for a while. I was playing with it. I first made a mixtape for a road trip, sort of blending it and 2 songs had the same key and same tempo. I made it go back and forth and my friend liked it. My friend said more and I kept making more. Adrian, from Club Bootie in San Francisco, liked it and he said put it online. I then came up with my name DJ Earworm. I made a website and starting getting gigs. I started working with Traktor then Abelton.

Spartytunes: When Sean Kingston's label approached you about doing a mashup for him, how did you feel?

DJ Earworm: By then, I had done some works with the label before, but I thought it was cool. I loved the idea. I like capturing only one artist. It was a lot of fun. You get to get really deep in the one person, and see what their energy is about.

For more DJ Earworm: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Myspace | Youtube

And as a bonus, his latest mashup

DJ Earworm - Like OMG, Baby (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Fourth of July weekend to all the Americans & happy weekend to everyone else! Well, it is finally here, the second album from White Panda. Their first album was extremely popular. I'm guessing this one will top it! They have combined 47 tracks into 14 insane tunes! This one is definitely the mixtape for the holiday! Be sure and grab this one! Also be sure to at least throw a few dollars their way (However, you can pay 0, but that's cheap). Enjoy!

1. Juicy O’Riley
2. Genius of Play
3. Excuse Me Miss Cyrus
4. Sugar Groove
5. Smooth Ballin’
6. The Independent Touch
7. Get Ready To Go Low
8. I’ll Get Your Whistle
9. Raining Rude Boys
10. I Wish I Broke Your Heart
11. Rhythm To The House
12. Overnight Panther
13. Drake’s Goin’ Down
14. Pop Bottles Baby

The White Panda - Rematch Mixtape
Click "Buy Now" - You can put 0, but you all should throw at least a little bit in!!!

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