Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's White Knuckle Ride

The White Panda have just finished their latest mashup. It's pretty damn good too! This new tune features The Game, Jamiroquai, and Penguin Prison on “Let’s White Knuckle Ride.” The White Panda have a ton of tour dates let also, so you should go check them out! Enjoy!

The White Panda - Let's White Knuckle Ride
 The Game x Jamiroquai x Penguin Prison

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Risk One Stimulus Package

DJ Risk One sent over a few new tracks from the other day. It was all the tunes and remixes that just never posted. Risk One has so much talent and skills that it's insane! For those who haven't ever read my interview with him needs to read it ASAP. Risk One has now been holding it down in San Francisco for a few months now. Be sure to go and check him out. He is so good live! I have attached my favorite of his latest edits! You can also download the rest of the them below! Enjoy!

Albin Myers - Jump (Risk One Bounce)

50 Cent - I Get Money Ft. DJ Mickell (Risk One Transition)

Ludacris - How Low Ft. DJatWar & DJ Jayceeoh (Risk One Transition)

David Guetta - Commander Ft. Kelly Rowland (Risk One Bootleg)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hold The Party & Bullshit

White Panda is back with some new tunes! I have 3 of their mashes for you today. Busy day for me today, so not much explanation for these songs. At the bottom is a video of White Panda rocking a college party. Looks pretty sick! Enjoy!

The White Panda - Hold The Party And Bullshit
Notorious B.I.G. x Toto

The White Panda - Young Bloods Poppin
T.I. x The Naked & Famous

The White Panda - Give It To Sussudio
DMX x Phil Collins
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Risk One Has Memories

Not sure when DJ Risk One has last had a vacation, because every time I turn there's a new mixtape or remix. Just last week he remixed Swedish House Mafia, and now he's got a little reboot of one of my favorite songs. With the help of DJ Diverse, Risk One takes inspiration from a previously remix, and makes sure this one doesn't fall flat. Risk One electrifies the sound giving the tune so much energy! Grab this one and play the hell out of it! Enjoy!

David Guetta - Memories Ft. Kid Cudi (Risk One & Diverse ReBoot)

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ayo & A Side Of Fries

The Disco Fries have just remixed Hyper Crush & Diplo's "Ayo". Known for making sick remixes, the Disco Fries have done a good job with this. They took away the dubstep theme and have added more of a rockish rythym to it. The Disco Fries seem to make successful remix after remix. As a bonus I'm including their G6 remix, which I think is the best remix to that song. Check it out! Enjoy!

Hyper  Crush - Ayo (Disco Fries Remix)

FM - Like A G6 (Disco Fries Remix) - *Bonus*

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Firstly, this is my 300th post! With that in mind, I received a pretty good email with some major electronic power! Kissed With A Noise's label sent me over a track they made with Young Buck and remixes to accompany them! Most of the remixes are pretty damn good, so I am going to post a very good original with the dope remixes of them I liked! Some major bass! Even the vox from Young Buck are ill! Check this one out! Enjoy!

Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp Ft. Young Buck

Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp Ft. Young Buck (B.Rich Remix)

Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp Ft. Young Buck (Barletta Remix)

Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp Ft. Young Buck (Disco Villains Remix)

Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp Ft. Young Buck (PeaceTreaty Remix)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Risk One & Ikon Bring You One

Ya, there has been a ton of remixes to Swedish House Mafia's "One", but not by my favorite DJ Risk One. For this track he also had the help of DJ Ikon. This remix brings an entirely fresh new sound to "One", but it's a must download! It has a huge house sound to it! DJ Risk One always brings the heat! Grab this ASAP! Enjoy!

Swedish House Mafia - One (Risk One and Ikon Remix)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vote For Paul Oakenfold!

Vote for Paul Oakenfold in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ's Competition! Last year, Paul was ranked #23 on DJ Magazines Top 100 DJ Poll and this year he is looking to rise back up to the top 10 where he belongs. There is only 3 weeks in the voting, so be sure to vote ASAP! In the last year, Paul has been pretty busy! He has a new residency in Las Vegas called -Perfecto Vegas - @ the Rain Nightclub @ the Palms Hotel. He now has a new iPhone app and a new Android app [which I have]. Paul also has a new album coming out titled "Pop Killer". It's obvious that Paul Oakenfold deserves your respect and vote! Vote for Paul Oakenfold!

Here is an exclusive video of Paul Oakenfold @ Ibiza:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only Girl

Today, Rihanna's first single off her next album, "Only Girl (In the World)", premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. It apparently ask her to be treated right as a woman and a lover. I had read that it is the one year of Chris Brown's sentence, which makes this song very close to Rihanna. The song has the sound that will get many plays on the radio and top the charts. This one is a must listen! Enjoy!

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Remember The King Of Pop

It's been more than a year now, but Koji One is still paying his respects. After watching "This Is It", he was inspired to make a remix of some sort honoring the late great king of pop. he took the ever good feeling song of "Do You Remember" by Jay Sean and used it to prelude MJ's verses from "The Way You Make Me Feel," which is an acapella that is not used very often. Be sure and check this one out! Enjoy!

Remember the King of Pop vs. Michael Jackson (Koji One Edit)

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Benzi Has 31 Minutes To Takeoff

DJ Benzi just got an exclusive remix of his buddy Mike Posner's "31 Mins To Takeoff". Gianni Marino takes this track and individualizes it. This track has got the feel of it speaking directly to you. It even has a real dubstep feel to it as well. This track is great to see since we haven't heard much from Benzi lately, although he has promised to send more tracks over soon! Also, on September 10th, radio will never be the same with the debut of The Mike Posner Show with DJ Benzi on Faction on Sirius/Xm satellite radio! Check this one out! Enjoy!

Mike Posner - 31 Minutes To Takeoff (Gianni Marino Remix)

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zimmie's Been Busy

In the last couple of weeks DJ Zimmie has created two mixtapes, both of which are pretty sick! Electrocaine has a lot of top 40, which is remixed, refixed, and reperfected. This mixtape would be good for those who want to get on the dancefloor. Zimmie's second edition of -You Gots To Grill - has a feel summery feel to it. It definitely has a feel that your ending summer the right way. And for a bonus I have a new blend that Zimmie just created. Check these out! Enjoy!

DJ Zimmie - Electrocaine

DJ Zimmie - You Gots To Grill - Volume 2
BONUS - Drake - Find Your Love (Zimmie Yeezy Blend QH)
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