Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Of SuperCheap!

DJ Supersede has been on one recently! He's been all over the place. Here we have his first collabos (I assume more are on the way), with DJ Cheapshot, Mr. Fire Poo. They remixed two classics. I also have an original from the Miami Ski Team. Grab these goodies here. Also, stay TUNEd for an upcoming collabo between Supersede and DJ Panic City. Enjoy!

Miami Ski Team - Ready. Steady. Go (Miami Ski Team's Head Start Mix)

Pharaoh Monche - Simon Says (SuperCheap! Remix)

Meatloaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (SuperCheap! Remix)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kryp2nite Project

DJ Kryp2nite was working hard on a project that he kept under the wraps. Turns out it was a mixtape full of some really good stuff. It contains a whole ton of good songs mixed with another bunch of really good songs. He does a good job with this one. Enjoy.

DJ Kryp2nite - The Kryp2nite Project

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Someone Like You

DJ Alex Dreamz & Jeff T released this radio remix last night and I quickly took a listen. I fell in love with this tune! The original is very good, but this remix is amazing! This remix will give it serious radio time! Don't sleep on this one! Grab it here ASAP!

Adele - Someone Like You (Alex Dreamz & Jeff T Radio Remix)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Shuffle Like This

DJ A-Jamz finished his newest mixtape just a few days ago. It was a nice change to listen to this mix, because it isn't a traditional "top-40" mixtape. It includes a lot of electronic music that you won't ever hear on the radio. Check it out!

DJ A-Jamz - Shuffle Like This Mixtape

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DJ Zimmie emailed me about a week ago his newest mixtape entitled -Headnod-. It contains all some of his favorite songs that needed to be put in one mix. He even suggests you take some aleve if your nod that head too hard. A ton of real hip-hop here! Enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ice Cubes In Pool Parties

The homie DJ Gigahurtz is finally ready to release his -Ice Cubes In Pool Parties- mixtape. This mixtape was created to help you all end your summers the right way! You can dance your way out in the highest fashion. Gigahurtz keeps the energy high all the way through. This is a mixtape not to be missed! I know you'll enjoy!

DJ Gigahurtz - Ice Cubes In Pool Parties Mixtape

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Robot Ears Mixtape Vol 3

My favorite DJ, Risk One, is back with his latest mixtape. -Robot Ears 3- it is, and since it is his birthday coming up, he has combined it with his -Born Day- collection. Last week, I ran into him at Slide SF, and he forgot to tell me he was dropping this mixtape. Regardless, it's a dope mixtape destined to get to dancing. He is precise with his transitions, track selection, and even his artwork. My favorite DJ is a pro. Grab this mixtape ASAP!

DJ Risk One - Robot Ears Mixtape (Vol. 3) Born Day Edition

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GHz August Mini Mix & Upcoming Mix

DJ Gigahurtz has released a second mini mix in as many months. However, besides the mini mix that I have inserted at the bottom, Gigahurtz has a huge mixtape dropping Friday! This is one that should not be missed! I have heard and seen what is on it, and let me tell you... IT'S BIG! Be sure to grab this mini mix below and come back Friday for a mixtape that will end your summer the right way!

DJ Gigahurtz - GHz- Mini Mix August 2011

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Friday, August 19, 2011

White Panda Interview

Back at the end of April, I was able to interview the White Panda. This was actually one of the funner ones I've ever done. Before they played at Fordham University, I got to meet up with them just minutes before they went on. If you have never heard White Panda's music before, then odds are you've never heard some of the best mashups around. They have taken the scene by storm, touring throughout the country and selling out venus. They have a huge following right now, and it doesn't look to appear like it's slowing down. During that same show they previewed mashups that are barely coming out now! Be sure and check out there show sometime, because the energy that goes into them are insane. Now check out their story! Enjoy!

Spartytunes: Where did the name "White Panda" come from?

Tom: We really didn't have any aspirations as to where this could go. We didn't think it would turn into what it did. So we shot some names back and forth; Dan said White Panda, and I thought it was catchy and everybody loves pandas, so ya.

Spartytunes: What advice do you have for young and aspiring artists?

Tom: Do it if you like it, but don't do it if your just trying to make it, or make money. We started because it was fun, and we got very lucky!

Spartytunes: Is there anyone that you guys look up to? Like Girl Talk?

Dan: I definitely respect him. He's been a pioneer in this latest trend of mashing up. I think we are influenced by a certain degree. Pretty Lights, Skrillex... people that are able to create their own sound and an original spin on music

Spartytunes: How did you guys meet?

Tom: We actually met in the second grade. We went to school together up through highschool.

Spartytunes: What does all this "hype" mean to you guys? How does it all feel?

Tom: Its surreal. My favorite part is when something new happens. It does get repetitive but I remember the first time our track was on Hypem, the first time it was on the radio, the first time it was on at a bar ,when we got to meet someone huge, the first time we sold out a hard ticket event. Were going to keep pushing for it....

Spartytunes: I know you just released -Pandamonium-, but when is the next album?

Tom: No ETA, Not even on our radar!
Dan: Not for a while, we have some remixes, original production in the pipeline, but no new mashup album anytime soon.

Spartytunes: I have to ask, how many pairs of panda masks do you guys have?

Tom: 20 just in my closet.

Spartytunes: What's been your favorite place, venue or city to play at?

Dan: Boston, Canada has always a fun time.
Tom: It's hard to pick just one.

Spartytunes: My favorite tracks to date have been: "Escape Day N' Nite", "Hate Dynamite", "Money To Divide", and recently "Shake It To Me". What are some of yours?

Tom: "Infinite Dream", "Hypnotic Echo" It was one of first I ever did and it made the first album. And "Drake & Diane".
Dan: "Stereo Hands" has been my recent favorite. "What You Know About Little Secrets" has a soft spot in my heart. It was our first song that got on Hypem

Spartytunes: Who picks what goes on the albums?

Dan: We both do. When it's time to drop an album we have a lot of concepts in our minds. We see what we can do with them. It's a month full of trying and then we pick.

Spartytunes: Have you guys ever remixed a song rather mashed one up?

Tom: We are starting to work on some now.
Dan: We still will work on mashups. That is how are fanbase was created. In no way will we stop mashing, but yes remixes are in the works. We are starting to talk with other artists as well.

Spartytunes: How many samples do you go through before you put a track together?

Dan: Depends, sometimes we like a beat on the first time or an acapella, but sometimes it can take hours.

Spartytunes: Any last words?

Tom: We appreciate the Spartytunes support!
Dan: We made a point to get this interview done, because you definitely were one of those who caught on from the beginning!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Skam Artist's own DJ Homicide, who put out one of the best mixtapes of the year a few months ago, is back with a special video. It features some pretty wild nights out, cameo scenes with the Far East Movement, Nas, DJ Chuckie, Red Foo and many more. Even Sky Blu & Goon Rock hop in the production. An ill video all around. This video is preparing for DJ Homicide's upcoming album. Video and music credits go to Dante Santiago and Anthony Chirco. Go in!

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Euro Flaver Pt. 2

I have more music from Europeans. This includes R3hab's latest remix. He has been on fire with these, given tunes awesome sounds with some wicked kicks! David Guetta teams up with Afrojack to provide the second single off his upcoming album. Lastly, one of my favorite European producers Julien Creance is back with an old favorite song and remixes it! Enjoy!

Julien Creance

Gloria Estefan - Wepa (R3hab Remix)

David Guetta & Afrojack - Lunar

Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Julien Creance Remix)

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Awooga The Roof Shots

Awooga seems to be gaining popularity the longer its out, and I'm really digging it. It is a tune I've always loved, and DJ Exodus has used it in one of his edits. In fact, he has more than just that one edit he is giving us today. Grab these weapons here!

Pauly D & DJ Exodus

Calvin Harris, LMFAO - Awooga The Roof Shots (DJ Exodus Mashup) (Dirty)

Kreayshawn, TI, Swizz Beats - Swing Your Gucci Gucci (DJ Exodus Transition) (Clean)

Kreayshawn, TI, Swizz Beats - Swing Your Gucci Gucci (DJ Exodus Transition) (Dirty)

Pitbull - Give Me Everything Super Segway (DJ Exodus Mashup) (Clean)

Pitbull - Give Me Everything Super Segway (DJ Exodus Mashup) (Dirty)

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aussie Flaver

For my last post of today, I decided to keep it all Australian. In this one we have Dixie, Bombs Away, and Tom Piper, with an awesome American side of DJ Riddler. These remixes give these original tunes a a whole new flaver. Grab these ASAP!

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Dixie Moar Shuffle Bootleg)

LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Bombs Away & Dixie Remix)

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Bombs Away Remix)

New Boyz - Better With The Lights Off Ft. Chris Brown (Tom Piper & Riddler Remix)

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American Flaver

For our third post of today, I decided to keep in mostly made in the U.S.A. minus the Dizzee Rascal and Neon Hitch, but it's still remixed by an American. Here is a lot of great remixes I think need to posted. If you don't believe me then give them a listen! I promise they're worth your while. Enjoy!

Big Sean - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay Ft. Kanye West & Rosco Dash (DJ Geometrix Remix)

Rae - Lucky Star (Digitune Remix)

Gorilla Zoe - Twisted Ft. Lil Jon (Dancefloor Junkies Remix)

Neon Hitch - Bad Dog (Gigamesh Remix)

DJ Fergie Ferg - Bonkers Streisand

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Dev Came To Smash

Here is our next post of today. It's a post filled with all tunes of Dev. She has been no doubt doing her thing the past year, and that's why so many good producers and remixers have chosen to work with her on so many songs. Check these works!

Dev - In The Dark (It's The Kue Remix!)

Dev - In The Dark (Benzi & DStar Remix)

Martin Solveig - We Came To Smash Ft. Dev (Codes & Tommie Sunshine Remix)

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Euro Flaver

I have a ton of music for you all today so I'm going to break them up in a couple posts! Here we have an upcoming single off David Guetta's album, a David Guetta mashup, and a new tune from Nervo. Be sure to check back right after this post for more music!


David Guetta - I Can Only Imagine Ft. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

David Guetta - Love Is Gone Ft. Calvin Harris (DJ Smerk Mashup)

Nervo - We're All No One (Nervo Goes To Paris Remix Teaser)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Around The World Mixtape

DJ Dainjazone and DJ Kronic just released an awesome mixtape a couple days ago. Dainjazone, one the the Party Rock dj's and part of DJ City, combined with DJ Kronic, an Aussie whos previous work and mixtapes I am very familiar with. This is a dope mixtape, so be sure and grab it!

DJ Dainjazone + DJ Kronic - Around The World Mixtape (Party Rock + Loud Noises)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Proof Of Risk One's Murder On The Decks!

DJ Risk One was finally able to release the video of his set at Red Bull Thre3style. I won't get into it again, but I'm still going to say he should have at least placed. Talking with other dj's there, and other familiar with the situation, they know it was a robbery. Even many people within the Scratch Academy were talking about it. Be the judge yourself and check it out!

The New Duo Wanna Go

The homie DJ Exodus and Ikon have been putting out dope remix, one after another! This time they play around with Britney's "I Wanna Go". They are already working on their next few projects, as cited from their latest interview. Check out this tune. They even just added a mixshow edit as well. Enjoy!

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Ikon & Exodus Vegas Remix)

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Ikon & Exodus Vegas Remix) (MixShow Edit)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Runaway Love

DJ Sam Young and Rita Campbell created a melody that was quickly remixed by Prok & Fitch. If you need another tune for that house mix, then this could be it. You be the judge. And remember to support Sam Young on Beatport!

DJ Sam Young, Rita Campbell - Runaway Love (Prok & Fitch Remix)

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Dance Without You

R3hab just remixed one of his favorite artists right now, and gave it an awesome sound. R3hab has already had some of the best remixes of the year, so why stop now. I've also included a little bonus at the bottom. Enjoy!

Skylar Grey - Dance Without You (R3hab Remix)

Luciana - I'm Still Hot (R3hab Remix)

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