Monday, November 30, 2009

Shake Drop On Video

I usually only like to post in the mornings, but I had to bring this to my followers ASAP. White Panda just sent this over to me. So here is an exclusive for my real followers! This one is going to straight to #1 on Sparty's Top 5! The songs used for this mashup: Pitbull Ft. Ying Yang Twins - Shake, Timbaland Ft. Fatman Scoop - Drop, Trans X - Living On Video. Best mashup artirts around! Check it out. Enjoy!

The White Panda - Shake Drop On Video

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Now that the first Sparty Tunes mixtape has garnered enough attention, I can get back to bringing you all new music. I'm a little bummed this one wasn't out two weeks ago, or else this one may have made its way into the mixtape. This tune is definitely a booty shaker, not much else can be said about it. Even Lil Jon's lyrics agree with my thoughts. Check this one out. Enjoy!

Lil Jon - Machuka Ft. Mr. Catra & Mulher File

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Electro House Mixtape 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! The mixtape is finally here! Forty-three minutes of awesomeness. If any body wants a single track off the mixtape, just email me. Shout out to the homey Davis Paul for the sick artwork he did for the mixtape. Check it out ASAP! Enjoy!

Spartytunes Electro House Mixtape 2009 Tracklist:

LMFAO - Bounce
Lil Jon - Give It All U Got Ft. Kree
Kesha - Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix)
Clipse - I'm Good (DJ Flo Heatrock Remix)
Jump Smokers - My Flow So Tight
David Guetta - Day & Sexy Night (DJ Coco & DJ Da Don Remix)
FM - Girls On The Dance Floor
Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA (Wideboys Club Mix)
Rye Rye - Bang (Risk One Remix)
Shwayze - Get U Home Ft. LMFAO (Party Rock Remix)
Enur - Calabria Ft. Natasja (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
Three Six Mafia - Shake My Ft. Kaleena
Shakira - She Wolf (Calvin Harris Remix)
Guru Josh Project - Infinity (DJ Blast Party Animal Edit)
David Guetta - Memories Ft. Kid Cudi
Busta Rhymes - Hustler's Anthem 2009 Ft. T-Pain (Bit Funk Remix)
Fast Foot - Get To Fucking House (DJ Medley Edit)
DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck In Here (Disco Villains Electro Remix)
DJ Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick Ft. Jermaine Dupri

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Army Of Yeah

Now it's once again time for your weekly White Panda fix. It really is once a week when they release their fix. This one contains Wiz Khalifa's "Say Yeah" vs Umek & Beltek instumentals vs parts of various Usher lines. This one is good so be sure to check it out. Enjoy. On a side note, they are taking into consideration what their fans are dying for and will be coming out with a mixtape in the near months!

The White Panda - Army Of Yeah

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Monday, November 23, 2009


My inbox is starting to pile up a lot, so I'm going to bring you a few today. I completely forgot about my Soundcloud drop box until today, and also the emails were piling up. Sorry for the delays guys! Check these out. Enjoy!

C-Tru - Break It Down (DJ Swissivory Edit)


New Wave/Hip-Hop



Friday, November 20, 2009

Right Hand Hi

I thought when I found the Kingdom remix of this song, that it would all be over and I wouldn't find another "Right Hand Hi" remix even close to it. I was clearly wrong. Caspa has done an awesome job with this. Besides this mix, Caspa has been huge in the U.K. showing off his dubstepping skills throughout. This one has legit written all over it. Check it out. Enjoy.

Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want It All

Oh man, this one is awesome. This reminds me of all Kevin Rudolf's success last year with his songs with Lil Wayne & Nas. This one will definitely top charts everywhere. This has mainstream written all over it, but it's good. I'm pretty excited to see what the music video comes out for this, because we all know they will make one. If your a DJ, then throw it in your future sets. If your just a music lover, then download this one, because it's a pretty sweet jam. Check it out! Enjoy!

Birdman - I Want It All (Ft. Lil Wayne & Kevin Rudolf)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morning After Dark

I saw this one over at Dani Deahl's blog. Yes, this is my second Timbaland post just in a couple days, but I wouldn't post another if I didn't think it was worthy. This one is much more vibrant than the last one I posted. You can expect that coming from Chew Fu. The beat is so sick. It sounds way more original than many other beats I have heard. This one will definitely get your heart pumping. Check it out. Enjoy!

Timbaland - Morning After Dark Ft. SoShy (Chew Fu 2016 B-Boy FixXx)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Eminem Front

The White Panda are coming out with new tracks faster than I can keep up. This one sounds a little different than what they usually sound like, but it's still pretty good. Eminem's lyrics are thrown over Clipse and The Who. The timing of everything in the song is flawless. White Panda are pros. It's not the longest of songs, but its defintely something to listen to. Plus I really like their new logo. Check it out. Enjoy!

The White Panda - Eminem Front

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ease Off The Liquor

I actually saw this one on a Youtube channel. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to like this one. The instrumentals have a soft trance feeling so you don't feel overwhelmed by it. It actually is pretty soothing; soothing enough to put someone to sleep. This one comes off of Timbaland's "Shock Value II". I suggest you go pick it up, because there are a ton of hits on it. Anyways, check this one out. Enjoy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Disco Disco 3

I meant to post this earlier, but a pretty hectic week kept me from doing so. Matt GC has released his third installment of Disco Disco. This is some of the best Electro-House around. Provided with some help by DJ Kronic, they get the tunes bumping like no other, and got me phening for more. This one is definitely going to make you bob your head and help you on that dancefloor. If you don't believe me then download for yourself. Enjoy!

Some of the best songs:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feel It

I'll be honest with you. When I first saw this combination on this song I thought it was going to be an absolute banger or a complete flop. But after listening to this, it is pretty good. The combination of Tiesto's instrumental with the lyrics of some of the biggest hip hop artists in the game is quite a lethal combination. Tiesto has made some of the best techno out there, but also has had some terrible songs also. I was very impressed with this one from him and I'm real impressed with Three Six for organizing this line-up. Check it out. Enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Hood Internet Mixtape Volume 4

It has been a while since The Hood Internet has released their last mixtape, but finally their new one is here. I have not yet listened to it, but I'm betting that it's going to be as good as their other ones. The Hood Internet had a few recent mixes that weren't too popular, but their most recent ones were above everyone's expectations and I know they will put a ton of time into this. This one is a must download. Check it out. Enjoy!

 The Mixtape Volume Four Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. David Banner vs Fujiya & Miyagi - Get Like Pterodactyls
3. The Beastie Boys vs Matt And Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker
4. Kanye West vs Cage & Aviary - Touch The Television
5. Lil Wayne (feat. Babyface) vs Royksopp - Comfortable Up Here
6. Passion Pit vs Juvenile - Back That Sleepyhead Up
7. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince vs Daft Punk - Summer Circuit
8. Public Enemy vs HEALTH vs Nosaj Thing - Bring The Tabloid Sores
9. AZ (feat. Ghostface Killah) vs The Golden Filter - Solid Gold From New York
10. Modest Mouse vs Kanye West - Floating Paranoia
11. Clipse vs Yuksek - Kinda Like A Big Break
12. Weezer vs Glass Candy - Buddy Holly's Imagination
13. Bangers & Cash vs Bag Raiders - Bang Raiders
14. Amanda Blank vs VEGA - No Reasons To Like You Better
15. Michael Jackson vs Ratatat - Billie "Wildcat" Jean
16. Kid Sister (feat. Pitbull) vs Phonat - Free Control Ocho
17. Twista (feat. Erika Shevon) vs Boys Noize - Wetter And Jeffer
18. Flo Rida (feat. Ke$ha) vs MSTRKRFT - 1000 Times Right Round
19. R. Kelly (feat. Keri Hilson) vs Sally Shapiro - Number One Christmas
20. Drake vs The Rapture - Best Jealous Lover I Ever Had
21. Bon Iver vs Friendly Fires vs Aeroplane - Lump Sum Of Paris
22. Jeremih vs Handsome Furs - Birthday Furs
23. Yung LA vs Solid Gold - Who Ain't I Gonna Run To?
24. Major Lazer (feat. Mr. Lexx and Santigold) vs Dirty Projectors - Hold The Stillness
25. Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Of Hip Hop
26. Soulja Boy vs Joe Jackson - Swaggin' Out
27. OJ Da Juiceman (feat. Gucci Mane) vs Discovery - Make The Loop Say Aye
28. Glasses Malone (feat. Lil Wayne) vs Chromatics - A Moment To Remember Haterz
29. Paper Route Gangstaz vs Animal Collective - Animals Collecting Money
30. B-Hamp vs Little Boots - Ricky Bobby Boots
31. Ghostface Killah vs Beirut - Save Me Concubine
32. Keri Hilson vs The Glitch Mob vs TV On The Radio - Red Dress Turnin Me On
33. Dorrough vs Bibio - Fire Ant Paint Job
34. Outro

The Hood Internet - Mixtape Volume 4
Be patient when downloading, it is a large file.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Thrill

Wiz Khalifa has released a real nice tune here. He has quickly been rising to the top. He is about to release his second mixtape, "Deal or No Deal", on November 24. This tune has some awesome lyrics by Wiz, and the background song by Empire Of The Sun has a great impact on the song. I can already tell I'm going to be listening to this song a lot. It is so smooth and definitely sounds nice. Wiz Khalifa is going to have a huge presence in the hip hop game in the next coming years. Check this out. Enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tik Tok

Kesha's "Tik Tok" has been an awesome song. In the last 2 weeks it has gained so much ground, grabbing listeners from all over the place. I have found a remix that is absolutely awesome. It does not butcher the original sound it is meant to have. This tune has got to be one of the best single top-40 electro remixes in a while. This one is definitely one to get all the ladies on the dancefloor, but I'm sure the guys won't mind if this one bumps either. Her lyrics are somewhat original so that can only help her cause in the future. Check this one out. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Lonely Girls Do

The White Panda is on Sparty Tunes yet again. That obviously has to say something about them. It proves they are beyond talented at what they do. This tune they have here is awesome. Ocean Lab has the instrumentals of the tune while Lil Jon has his "What You Gonna Do" chorus and Eminem has a verse from Drake's "Forever". The collaboartion of this is genious and provides for an awesome sounding song. You would never thing this was a mashup. Check this one out. Enjoy!

DJ Medley Interview

Earlier this week I had a chance to ask DJ Matt Medley a few questions. His mixtapes have been some of the best electronic and electro house I've heard and his remixes are really good as well. When it comes to the city of Toronto's DJ's, DJ Matt Medley is one of the first names that always pops up. The city of T.O. is very lucky to have someone as dedicated to their city as they do. Having residencies at Strange Love and Andy's Poolhall, DJ Medley is able to show his stuff week in and week out. He also deejays a ton of special events. Check out this interview with DJ Medley!

Sparty Tunes: What advice do you have for young and aspiring dj's?

DJ Medley: There's a lot more to deejaying than deejaying. It's really all about producing, promoting, designing, branding, blogging, managing and networking. All that stuff will get one further than the actual mixing part of deejaying will. Especially producing because anyone that takes a little time and invests a little money can dj now. You gotta have original material to make yourself stand out. You don't have to be breaking the charts on beatport or anything. Something as simple as having your own re-edits will set you apart from the masses, improve your sets and most importantly, spread your name. A lot of deejays won't have the time to listen to your hour long mixtape, but they'll always be searching for more edits, blends and remixes from their sets. And they'll have to remember your name to type it into the search field of their Serato/Ableton/Traktor.

Sparty Tunes: Do you see yourself in Toronto forever?

DJ Medley: T.O. for life! I don't ever plan on leaving. I love this city and love my life here. It's one of the best places in the world to be a dj, this city has embraced the culture more than many. It's hard to find a restaurant, art show, lounge or event in T.O. without a dj at it. Besides, Andy Poolhall, Strange Love, The Social, Wrongbar, Mod Club, Tattoo and Footwork are all right here in Toronto, why go elsewhere when the best clubs in the world to spin at are right here.

Sparty Tunes: Dance Like You F*ck has been a huge hit, so I got to ask when's the next mixtape?

DJ Medley: Thanks man, I'll probably do another one next August for the 2 year anniversary of the club night. I know... too long. I take my time with my mixtapes, I always want them to be overflowing with original material and filled with twice as many songs as other djs mixtapes. Rest assured, it'll be worth the wait.

Sparty Tunes: Who's better, You or Tay'more? =)

DJ Medley: Come on now, silly question. Tay'more blows me out the water everytime! Style, looks and skills, my girl has got it all. I'm a very lucky man. We're working on some serious collaborative stuff.

Sparty Tunes: Who is your favorite dj?

DJ Medley: Tay'more of course! And, I'm also feeling Fake Blood, Holy Ghost and Aeroplane a lot right now.
For more DJ Matt Medley: Website | Facebook | Myspace
And if you want to see him:
Thursdays @ Strange Love
Saturdays @ Andy's Poolhall
And as a bonus, a few remixes:
Goldfrapp - Number 1 (Medley Remix)
Felix Da Housecat - Elvis vs. Walking On A Dream [vs. Empire Of The Sun] (Medley's Blend)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hold The Line

DJ Risk One has sent me over a few tracks that will make you bounce. It's been a little while since he's released something, but you know I'm always excited when I get a hold of his tracks! The first one is a little remix of Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job". It is slowed down a little with a nice shuffle bounce topped on it. The second one is also sure to be a hit. The tune of Dead Prez's "Hip Hop" in the background has got tweeters going crazy with some sick vocals from Major Lazer. Check them out. Enjoy!

For more DJ Risk One: Twitter | Facebook | Myspace | Website

And if you want to see him:

Nov. 5 Blush @ The Wynn -Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 6 Lucky Strike - Bellevue, WA
Nov. 7 Last Supper Club - Seattle, WA
Nov. 12 Seasound Lounge - Seattle, WA
Nov. 18 Blush @ The Wynn - Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 19 Blush @ The Wynn - Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 20 Venom - Seattle, WA
Nov. 21 Last Supper Club - Seattle, WA
Nov. 26 Seasound Lounge Seattle, WA
Nov. 27 Envy - San Diego, CA
Nov. 28 Last Supper Club - Seattle, WA

Monday, November 2, 2009


Adam Tensta's "Dopeboy" has been one of my favorites for a little while and here are 2 remixes that really prove it. I discovered Adam Tensta through the Neon Black GT remix and this other remix, Al Azif, was the latest remix of the song. The first one is a fast paced remix that pops straight at you and the second is more a dub-step remix of it. Both tunes are sure to pump that bass in your speakers, so I hope you like. Enjoy!

Adam Tensta - Dopeboy (Neon Black GT Remix)

Adam Tensta - Dopeboy vs. Al Azif

DJ Hero Tunes

Ok so I decided that I would take a listen to some of the tunes on DJ Hero. Now I was not going to listen to all 93 of the tracks, but I did listen to a good number of them, probably around 20 or so. I found 2 of them I thought were pretty good, so I'm bringing them to you. The first is Fedde Le Grand vs. Sandy Rivera, and the second is The Killers vs. Eric Prydz. Both these songs have been specially remixed for the game, but I've been enjoying them here in my room.

DJ Hero - (Fedde Le Grand vs. Sandy Rivera) Put Your Hands Up For Detroit vs. I Can’t Stop (David Penn Remix)


DJ Hero - (The Killers vs. Eric Prydz) Somebody Told Me vs. Pjanoo


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