Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Training

DJ Dstar & DJ Heat just dropped the long overdue mixtape -Spring Training 2011-. This one is filled from head to toe with all the biggest club jams from all over the world. The mixtape is hosted by Trazz, who does a dope job on this one. Get this mixtape right here!

DJ Dstar & DJ Heat - Spring Training 2011 (Hosted by Trazz)
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Till The Bromance Ends

The homies from The White Panda bring new track called "Till The Bromance Ends," featuring Britney Spears and Avicii.  This is their first release after our album -Pandamonium-. Expect some crazy remixes and originals in the coming months. Also expect that my interview with them that should be up within the next 2 weeks.

The White Panda - Till The Bromance Ends
Britney Spears x Avicii

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Run The World

Sorry to DJ Manik, because I didn't realize I hadn't I posted this! DJ Manik & DJ Flaver make up Digitune, which is on the verge of take off! Join their mailing list for goodies and support them on Beatport. Enjoy a freebie from them here!

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls) (Digitune Remix)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vanity Vol 2

DJ A-Jamz brings the next installment of his -Vanity- series. The first installment was good, but this sophomore volume brings it to another level. He does a great job with this one and I look forward to seeing him play and hearing more of this series! Check it out!

DJ A-Jamz - Vanity Vol 2

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


DJ Homicide must be loving life right now! Everything seems to be going his way. Two months ago, when I interviewed DJ Gigahurtz, he had said how awesome DJ Homicide was live. DJ Homicide also just had his twitter account verified. If that wasn't enough, he now has a new website as well. This all leads to his new mixtape. This thing has a ton of hype in beginning, and a ton of sweet tracks throughout. Be sure to check this mixtape out! Enjoy!

DJ Homicide - Poolcide Mixtape

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Scene Is Coming Home

DJ Scene, forgive me for posting this so late. I got an email a little less than 2 weeks ago from Scene's team, but I've been so busy. Wait no longer, because I have his latest remix here. It is definitely another big room banger. Check it out and put this in those sets! Enjoy!

Diddy (Dirty Money) - Coming Home Ft. Skylar Grey (Scene Edit)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Pandamonium Releases

The White Panda have just released their last full lengths from -Pandamonium- and will be finally releasing new stuff next week. Last week, they absolutely rocked Fordham University, where I got the chance to interview them. They played some of their new stuff, and I must say, those are must downloads when they drop! That interview will be up within the next 2 weeks, so be sure to come back for that! In the mean time, check out these last 7 full lengths! Enjoy!

The White Panda - Perfectly Bulletproof
La Roux x Princess Superstar x Tonite Only

The White Panda - Teach Me How To Funk
Cali Swag District x Daft Punk

The White Panda - I Will Dance
Lady Gaga xTiesto x Sneaky Sound System

The White Panda - I Want To Pass Out
Tinie Tempah x Sneaky Sound System

The White Panda - Bust A Love
Young MC x Haddaway

The White Panda - Pull Over Mellencamp
Trina x John Mellencamp

The White Panda - Hell Neva Eva
Trillville x Avril Lavigne

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If I Was You

The Disco Fries have yet another smash remix at their hands. This is their second remix of FM and it's another dope one. Be sure to grab it for those sets! Enjoy!

Far East Movement - If I Was You (OMG) Ft. Snoop Dogg (Disco Fries Remix)

Far East Movement - If I Was You (OMG) Ft. Snoop Dogg (Disco Fries Remix) - ALT LINK

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Jack Sparrow

The Lonely Island are about to release their 2nd album tomorrow. This video was sent to me and it's funny as hell. It even has Michael Bolton. Check it out!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Watch You

New tune right here from Benny Benassi featuring Clinton Sparks. Had to grab this one from the homies over at Daily Tunez. It's a relatively softer song, something I don't hear much from these two, but it's so good! I got a feeling I'll be listening to this one all day. Check it out and enjoy!

Benny Benassi - Watch You Ft. Clinton Sparks

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Pop Models Mixtape Vol 4

DJ JayCeeOh is back with his 4th volume of his -Pop Models- series. It has a ton of epic remixes and tunes. I'd have to say his bootleg edit of 9. JSEB Ft Nicki Minaj - No Name  (Sam Young Remix) is my favorite track on this mixtape. But don't stop there, because there are many more. Enjoy!

DJ JayCeeOh - Pop Models Mixtape (Vol 4)

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Spring Sprung

First off, my apologies to Tommie Sunshine for 2 reasons: The first is that I slacked on putting this up. The second is that I missed him rock Pacha NYC last night. I was planning to go, but things didn't work out. But regardless, this mixtape also is huge with underground electronic music for this mix; so download this now and play it loud!

Tommie Sunshine - Spring Sprung Mixtape

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Close

Let's it keep it going with the catch up! The homies Dino Roc and DJ CJ are always on their grind. This time they dutchified the 90's hit "Too Close" with some Chuckie instru's and a nice drum addition. They also have a mixtape coming very soon! You best believe it will posted right here! Enjoy!

Next - Too Close (914 Hit Squad Dutch Bootleg)

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Dirty S&M Talk

Once again I've been busy, but I've had a good excuse. I graduate college in 2 weeks. Anyways, let's see if I can't catch you all up with some new tunes and mixtapes. This one was just created, and it's a perfect segway to play in those sets! The combo of Wynter Gordon and Rihanna is lethal! Enjoy!

Wynter Gordon - Dirty "S&M" Talk (Anthem Kingz Primetime Segway)

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