Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yet Another Epic Pregame

DJ Epic is finally back with his 6th addition of his -Pregame- series. This one is another great mixtape with a top of dope remixes to top 40 tunes. Be sure to grab it before your next party! Enjoy!

DJ Epic - Pregame Music Vol. 6

DJ Epic - Pregame Music Vol. 6 - ALT LINK

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robot Ears Mixtape Vol 2

My favorite dj is back with a sequal to his epic -Robot Ears Mixtape- and a new remix too! DJ Risk One brings the same energy to every mixtape and displays it here. And not trying to be repetitive, but Risk One is also known for finding music and remixes before anyone else. Be sure to grab this mixtape and remix ASAP!!!

DJ Risk One - Robot Ears Mixtape (Vol. 2)

Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (Risk One Bounce)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shake It To Me

My pals from The White Panda have 3 more full lengths from their 3rd mixtape -Pandamonium-. They are almost done with these full lenghts and ready to move onto new mashups. Also, be sure to check out the interview I am having with The White Panda this week. Enjoy!

The White Panda - Why A G6
Far East Movement x Supermode

The White Panda - Black & Naw
Wiz Khalifa x Nappy Roots

The White Panda - Shake It To Me
Timbaland x Ian Carey

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scene In The Air

DJ Scene sent over a few new remixes last week. These remixes should definitely make their way into your playlists and sets. Not to mention these are big room fixes as well! So grab these tunes and have a happy Easter! Enjoy!

Enrique Iglesias - Tonight Ft. Ludacris Vs. Afrojack (Scene Bootleg)

Chris Brown - Beautiful People Ft. Benny Benassi Vs. Steve Angello (Scene Bootleg)

Adele - Rolling In The Deep Vs. Axwell (Scene In The Air Mashup)

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Work Out Sessions! (Volume 4)

DJ Fabian created a monster of a mixtape with this one! Pure energy comes straight out of this! Fabian keeps the BPM high, so yes it is perfect for working out. This is a 5 star mixtape, so grab this one asap! Enjoy!

DJ Fabian - Work Out Sessions! (Volume 4)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheapshot Is In Da Club

DJ Cheapshot, yes Mr. Fire Poo himself, remixed 50 Cent's "In Da Club" in a poppy one. I'm also feeling the additions of light drums and the saxophones. This is an all-around good job. Enjoy!

50 Cent - In Da Club (Cheapshot Remix)

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Look At Me Now

Not sure if you've seen any Karmin covers, but this one is pretty damn good. I've even had friends do covers, but these two take it to the next level. This is a must see!

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Tommie Sunshine Loves To Party Rock

Fresh out the email to the fans! Tommie Sunshine just sent over an awesome remix of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem". He starts out with a slow build into an absolute electrifying theme of the tune! Be sure to check this one out!

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem Ft. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock (Tommie Sunshine & Vande & Gross Edit)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Panda Saves Heart

The White Panda, who will be performing at Fordham University on April 29th, who I will be interviewing, has a bunch of new goodies for us! 4 new mashups straight into those ipods & playlists! These guys have fun while they rock parties. Check these out!

The White Panda - Girls To Blow
Rihanna x Lil Wayne

The White Panda - I'd Rather Save Heart
Three Six Mafia x Remady

The White Panda - Exploration Of Step
UNK x Cosmic Gate

The White Panda - Steal Eastwood
Gorillaz x Len

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DJ Epic Brings The Ill Pack Party

DJ Epic has a couple new mashes out now and there were two more in my inbox as well that needed posting! DJ Epic has been on his grind with his Pre-Game mixtape series, and has a couple sick mashes to go along with them. Check them out!

DJ Epic - S&M Animal Party
Rihanna x DJ Meg

DJ Epic - All I Do Is AYO
LMFAO x Hyper Crush x Na Palm x FM

DJ Epic - Drop the E.T.
Lil Wayne x Katy Perry

DJ Epic - Ill Pack Party
The Pack x Wolfgang Gartner

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Clear That Throat

It seems as if in the last 2 weeks I'm doing nothing but playing catch up. That is probably true though. Here we have a classic that has been refixed, but still keeps much of the original. Be sure to check it out for your self!

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (Stereothieves MTM Remix)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Next Chapter

I finally got around to listening MikiWar's latest mixtape. All that needs to be said is that it is an extremely well done mixtape. MikiWar calls this his best mix to date and it's hard not to agree. Be sure to check it out; you won't be sorry! Enjoy!

MikiWar - The Next Chapter

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


DJ JayCeeOh, one of my more recent interviews, moombahfies Ado's "Plugged" In an all instrumental tune, JayCeeoh does a pretty dope job remixing this tune in a while that should be dug by all. Check it out!

Ado - Plugged (JayCeeOh Moombahton Bootleg)

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Chachi's Moment

Yes, people I am still catching up with post-worthy posts, so be patient! But here DJ Chachi has a new house remix of Nicki Minaj's "Moment 4 Life". It keeps a lot of the original elements, while also adding streaks of house to it. Check it out!

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life (Chachi's House Mix)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duck Sauce Likes It

Barbra Streisand! Yes, that amazing tune was also made by Duck Sauce. This time they have another new original mix called "I Like It". It samples K.C. And The Sunshine Band while also paying a sort of homage. This one is defintely going in my playlists! Enjoy!

Duck Sauce - I Like It (Original Mix)

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914 Came To Say Hello

Meant to post the homie Dino Roc's new tune last week, but I've been absolutely swamped with life and such. Dino Roc & DJ CJ of the 914 Hit Squad have been producting dope remix, one after another! Their move to the Crooklyn Clan has been quite the sucess. Here they have the latest remix of "Hello", but they give it a dope dubstep sound! Check it out!

Martin Solveig - Hello Ft. Dragonette (Dino Roc & DJ CJ Dubstep Remix)

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Player Haters In Dis House

Yesterday I posed some Miami Ski Team, but Today I am posting some more! The Miami Ski Team made a pretty funky remix to classic tune by DJ Godfather. I'm really digging the disco vibe on this one. Be sure to check it out!

DJ Godfather - Player Haters In Dis House (Supersede & Nick Morrison's Haterade Remix)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Dem Girls At

This one right here is definitely going to be a radio hit. David Guetta is still invading both the dance charts and radio charts. This one is only 192, so if anyone wants to hit me with a 320 eh hem, if there is one even out. Anyways, enjoy!

David Guetta - Where Dem Girls At Ft. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj

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E.T. Remixes

Still catching up on posts! But here we have 2 E.T. remixes that were meant to be posted Friday. Both carry different electronic sounds, but both awesome! And well done MegaMan & Panic City for climbing those Hypem charts! Enjoy!

Katy Perry - E.T. (DJ MegaMan & Panic City Remix)

Katy Perry - E.T. (HLM Remix)

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Pressure In The Club

The Disco Fries are on fire! Remix after remix! They keep dropping them. Pure electro from the Disco Fries! Enjoy!

DJ Snake - Pressure In The Club Ft. Eva Simons (Disco Fries Remix)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Watching Me

DJ Fergie Ferg emailed me his latest mash of his upcoming album. This tune features a lot of my his production. He added synth, drums, sweeps, and more. This mashup samples Busta Rhymes and Kate Nash. His upcoming album -English Babes and American Blokes-  features songs with American male rappers and English female singers. It is not all mashups, there are some remixes, covers, samples in there as well. Enjoy!

DJ Fergie Ferg - Watching Me (Single Version)
Busta Rhymes x Kate Nash

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Zimmie & Sneaker Freaker Present

DJ Zimmie & Sneaker Freaker created a mixtape for DJ Zimmie's Australian Mini-Tour. Last month, he got the opportunity to head down under and rock some parties. Along the way, he played 5 clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, made a guest appearance on 2 radio shows and even threw down at a semi-celebrity for one of the members from De La Soul. Check out this dope mixtape! Enjoy!

DJ Zimmie - 2011 Australian Tour Mixtape
Presented by Sneaker Freaker

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Risk One Whips His Hair

Don't pay too much attention to the post title, but let's get into the fact that my favorite dj, Risk One, just sent over 5 new edits! Risk One always holds it down and never disappoints! I have 3 of his edits posted below. To get the other 2 Risk One exclusives, email me. Enjoy!

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (Risk One Murda Fix)

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor Ft. Pitbull (Risk One Bootleg)

Kesha - Blow (Cirkut Remix - DJ Risk One Edit)

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